How To Learn SEO Properly

Our team gets asked all the time where people who are new to building websites and ranking them should go to learn more. One of the first things that we recommend to them is to follow popular SEO bloggers that perform lots of case studies. When it comes to search engine optimization and website development there are so many so called “experts”, that it can be hard to discern fact from fiction.

A great idea is to keep a notepad with you while you are researching, and to write the things that you have questions about or that seem too good to be true. As you keep adding to this notepad, rank the things that you want to find out by most important to least important. The next step is to schedule a consult with an SEO agency or SEO expert who does paid consults and has a very strong background in the field.

You can then ask him the questions from your Notepad and get more clarification from people who have real case study and client backed research.

One of the mistakes that most people make when they are starting off is to jump right in and start spending a ton of money buying every SEO service they can find. You have to keep in mind that a lot of reviews on the internet are fake, and most of the programs out there you see are nothing but a cheap way to get your website de-indexed.

Before spending a lot of money give yourself a budget of how much you want to spend on your website in the first 6 months.

Sit down with your SEO expert and come up with a plan of where to put that money and when.

If you do this you will be far more likely to achieve your goals, and not end up wasting your money.

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