Why We Recommend Using Rank Tracking Software

One of the most important things to do when starting a new website is to monitor its rankings. It’s incredibly helpful to have software which tracks the rankings of your website(s) every single day. This helps to see the trends in your websites, and can help you to determine if your SEO strategies are working correctly or not.

This is especially helpful if you are trying new SEO techniques, or if you are thinking of hiring an SEO expert/agency. While there is always some “google dance”, watching your daily keyword rankings is a great way to determine whether your overall strategy is working or not.

In addition to monitoring your own website rankings, something we recommend is to monitor the rankings of your top competitors. For example, if you are ranked #3 for a keyword, you should watch your #1 and #2 competitors as well.

You can add their sites to your favorite SEO tools, and continuously audit them. It’s helpful to see if they are still actively trying to rank for that keyword. If you see that they are still building a lot of links and trying to rank that keyword, you can review your options and figure out how to do what they are doing, but better.

Some tools such as Moz can also monitor new backlinks that get added to their websites. This helps you get automatic updates on links that they are acquiring day-by-day. This means that you can reach out to the same people that are linking to them and most likely get links from them as well, since you’re probably blogging about the same topics.

This is called “link stealing” and is a very effective way to do link outreach for your website.

This way you can focus on building your own high quality links, while stealing all of your competitors research and hard work, meaning that you will be able to build links even faster than them.

Another great use of link tracking software is the ability to see how your website reacts to new Google updates. If Google launches a new update, and you see that your website took a hit, you can research what people are saying about the update and fix the issues on your website. If you don’t have rank tracking software, it can be hard to isolate when your site took a hit unless you are watching the google search index manually for a few hours every day.

Rank tracking software is also great because it can provide you with more specific details than even Google webmaster tools. It is also so much faster than Google webmaster tools at showing new updates to your website. Google webmaster tools can take 3 to 4 days to show you accurate ranking changes, while rank tracking tools can show you multiple times a day.

Another thing that rank tracking tools are good at is monitoring social media mentions. Some rank trackers will tell you when people on social media are talking about your website, or when they link to your website. This allows you to respond to their comment quickly, and create a positive image for your service or brand.

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